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The languages of food

We are what we eat! But what do we eat? In Reggio Emilia the choice of having and keeping kitchens inside every municipal infant-toddler centre and preschool has always had a strong pedagogical and cultural meaning. Kitchens become a virtuous weave of local culinary tradition, ecology, culture of dialogue, art, and the world. The time for lunch becomes a space of relations and encounter with others and the world.
From this context a cook book was born, made of good recipes, experiences, projects, thoughts.

Edited by Ilaria Cavallini and Maddalena Tedeschi

Graphic design by Marco Appiotti with Rolando Baldini

English translation by Leslie Morrow


2008, 112 pages
ISBN 978-88-87960-48-8

Also available in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Euro 23,00