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Making learning visible

From the research carried out in Reggio Emilia with Howard Gardner and Harvard Project Zero along with the teachers and pedagogistas of Reggio Emilia’s municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools and with Reggio Children.
A rich weave in which the theory of the hundred languages and the theory of multiple intelligences accord on promoting and proposing a new school.


Texts by Howard Gardner, Paola Cagliari, Vea Vecchi, Steve Seidel et al. 

Edited by Claudia Giudici, Mara Krechevsky and Carla Rinaldi

Graphic design by Isabella Meninno

English translation by Jacqueline Costa, Gabriella Grasselli and Leslie Morrow


2001/2011 368 pages
ISBN 978-88-87960-67-9


Also available in Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese
Coming soon: Russian translation

Euro 33,00

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A festive thought

“A festive thought” is an exhibition telling the story of research, realised with children aged 2-6, which aimed to make visible the thinking processes activated by producing and understanding visual metaphor.

Connected exhibit

The Hundred Languages of Children

The travelling exhibition The Hundred Languages of Children has been telling the story of Reggio Emilia’s experience of education to thousands of visitors around the world since 1981, through images, stories, drawings and first hand accounts.