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Everyday Utopias

Two videos from The Wonder of Learning exhibition, describing a day in an infant-toddler centre and in a preschool: the everyday-ness of being together, the strength of a way of organizing that is designed but light, knowledgeable but flexible; a special care for the environments and the way of being at school, the idea that schools are places in which culture is created.

Video filming and montage: Sara De Poi, Daniela Iotti, Mirella Ruozzi, Simona Spaggiari

Booklet graphic design by Mali Yea English translation by Leslie Morrow


2011, DVD, running time: 33’ 13’’
PAL ISBN 978-88-87960-71-6 NTSC ISBN 978-88-87960-72-3

Italian audio with English subtitles

Also available in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese Coming soon: German translation

Euro 25,00

Connected exhibit

The Wonder of Learning

"The Wonder of Learning" follows up on the ideas expressed in the more historical Hundred Languages of Children exhibition. Reggio Emilia’s experience of education is recounted here through new projects coming from the city’s municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools.