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Browsing through ideas

A collection of wonderful ideas, micro-stories, children’s thoughts and theories, fragments, which, thanks to effective narrative and iconic synthesis, trace the basic projects and express generative concepts with a high educational potential. An open and engaging folder of new and different contributions by children and adults, capable of eliciting new ideas and proposals.


Edited by Tiziana Filippini and Vea Vecchi Graphic

design by Mali Yea with Rolando Baldini

English translation by Jane McCall


2009, portfolio with 23 A3 project sheets

ISBN 978-88-87960-58-7 


Also available in Italian and German

Euro 24,00

Connected exhibit

The Wonder of Learning

"The Wonder of Learning" follows up on the ideas expressed in the more historical Hundred Languages of Children exhibition. Reggio Emilia’s experience of education is recounted here through new projects coming from the city’s municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools.