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Auditorium, halls and rooms

The Loris Malaguzzi International Centre offers multiple possibilities for conferences, private and company events, and eating out.


The Reggio Emilia Approach® permeates every corner of the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, making it a unique place for hosting business events, receptions and private parties. The building houses rooms of different seating capacities and has up to 2,000 square metres of exhibition space, offering flexible adaptable spaces and personalised solutions for every need: conventions and conferences, company and silver service dinners, standing buffets and parties.

With a seating capacity of 420 the Annamaria and Marco Gerra Auditorium is equipped to the highest international conference levels.

The Pause-Atelier of Tastes Restaurant draws on eno-gastronomic tradition in the local territory, with variations and re-visitations inspired by the cuisines of the world.






With an overall floor space of 440 square metres and maximum seating capacity of 418 the Annamaria and Marco Gerra Auditorium can be divided into two halls seating 209 people. The two halls function independently with independent technical support, and can therefore be used together at the same time. Both halls are equipped for simultaneous translation.

The auditorium seating is stepped, with rows looking down toward the central conference table and podium. Seats are equipped with foldaway tables for note taking. The space can be divided into two halls, with separate sound and visuals technology, and independent entrances.

The auditorium is accessible for people with disabilities, and has its own dedicated reception area, non-attended cloakrooms, personal lockers with numbered keys, and separate rest rooms. The room is air conditioned, and equipped with smooth-dimming lights for variations in light intensity.  

The Auditorium was named after Reggio Emilia artist Marco Gerra and his wife Annamaria.




The Kuwait Room is the ideal solution for small self-managed conferences. With a seating capacity of 80, it is equipped with a video-projector and large screen, a speaker’s table with four microphones, an independent sound system with radio-microphones, and Wi-Fi.

Located in the Malaguzzi Centre’s Art Nouveau villa area, the Kuwait Room guarantees privacy and comfort for smaller working groups. The adjacent Gallery space is available for coffee breaks, light lunches, aperitvo drinks and refreshments, and can also be used for registering guests and working in small working groups during events.

The Kuwait Room’s technical equipment can be used by speakers and work groups independently, but assistance can be made available. The Room can be personalised for requirements such as video filming, audio recording, video conferencing and live streaming.





The Gallery is a large flexible space made up of different areas. It has two areas with video-projectors, multiple independent entrances, and Wi-Fi throughout. Located close to the Kuwait Room and the Centre’s Bookshop with its own restrooms, it is particularly suitable for hosting coffee breaks, refreshments, light lunches and aperitvo drinks and appetisers, or for using as a space to welcome guests and register them for events.

More informal events are often held in the Gallery: company parties and dinners, birthdays, cocktails with music, dinners and buffets. The space lends itself to personalised events, and dedicated areas can be created such as photography sets, relax and conversation areas, lounge areas and cocktail bars. An independent entrance guarantees undisturbed privacy for guests




The main entrance of the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre leads into the square, or Piazza, which is the Centre’s visiting card. It is a light-filled open space housing the Pause Cafeteria, the Centre’s reception area, and the Pause-Atelier of Tastes Restaurant on the upper floor. It is a functional, well-equipped place for business and corporate events, and a lovely location for informal events.   

Equipped with Wi-Fi, the Piazza can be used as a conference reception area, and for registering guests, coffee breaks, lunches and aperitvo drinks. The Piazza’s large open spaces also offer opportunities for organising temporary expositions, company stands and other promotional activities.

With the Pause Cafeteria and Restaurant, the Piazza is the perfect space for company dining, birthday and graduation parties, and weddings. The special qualities of the architecture make it ideal for formal silver service dinners, or for more informal events such as buffets, aperitvo drinks, or live music and dance events.



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