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Professional Development

On request, Reggio Children activates courses of professional growth and development for public or private bodies, such as schools, public institutions, co-operatives, associations, and foundations.

Courses are addressed to infant-toddler centre, preschool and primary school teachers, educators, pedagogical co-ordinators, atelieristas and teachers with an arts background, school directors and managers, administrators, architects and any public with an interest.


These courses - fruit of a process of listening and exchange, in a dialogue open to encounter with different cultures and languages - are co-designed in relation to professional development needs identified. Meetings are held in the local place of request and led by teacher educators from Reggio Emilia with complementary competencies: pedagogistas, teachers and atelieristas. Depending on the specific context and the theme for deeper investigation Reggio Children identifies professional figures capable of bringing an interdisciplinary approach, guaranteeing a plurality of viewpoints, and the weaving of different languages and disciplines.

In these contexts Reggio Children offers different educational strategies - group work, simulations, workshops, debate, space for reflection on participants’ experiences and documentations – which leave ample space for the presentation of experiences and projects realised in Reggio Emilia’s Municipal Infant–toddler Centres and Preschools, creating favourable conditions for discussion points and reflection related to different processes of professional growth.

Professional development includes time in Reggio Emilia, and in the local contexts of those requesting courses, as well as distance communication through the exchange of material and digital connection.



Professional Development in Reggio Emilia

Reggio Children promotes several study groups annually as professional development initiatives on the Reggio Emilia Approach®. These offer study opportunities for deeper investigation of the concepts, contents, and values which are part of the educational project of the Reggio Emilia's Municipal Infant-toddler Centre and Preschool project.