Chemnitz is the only German venue of The Wonder of Learning. The Hundred Languages of Children exhibition.

Chemnitz is among the few cities in Germany, where the Remida concept had been adopted (“CheMida”). This “House of Creativity” in the city centre as well as the exhibition with its various events and workshops are offered and promoted by the city administration and all local associations which run infant-toddler centres and preschools. The Arbeiterwohlfahrt Chemnitz is in charge of organizing and coordinating these Reggio related activities.

This exhibition is presented in the main culture centre of the city, in co-operation with the “New Saxon Gallery”. Chemnitz offers also a wide variety of lectures, seminars workshops, parties etc. – for education professionals as well as for families.

The presence of The Wonder of Learning exhibition in Chemnitz was made possible thanks to the funds by the Saxon Ministry of Culture and Sports, in co-operation with the Municipal Social Welfare Association of Saxony.