Dalla mostra I cento linguaggi dei bambini a una nuova mostra

La mostra itinerante I cento linguaggi dei bambini da più di venticinque anni (1981-2008) racconta a migliaia di visitatori in tutto il mondo l’esperienza educativa reggiana.

I nidi e le scuole dell’infanzia del Comune di Reggio Emilia, in collaborazione con i nidi e le scuole dell’infanzia cooperative e le scuole primarie, hanno nel frattempo continuato il loro percorso arricchendolo e approfondendolo con ulteriori ricerche. Da queste è nato il desiderio di affiancare all’originale mostra de I cento linguaggi dei bambini una nuova mostra, Lo stupore del conoscere, inaugurata a giugno 2008 negli Stati Uniti.

I cento linguaggi dei bambini, 1981-2008

25 years of touring, 5 editions of the European version and the duplication of the exhibit in 1987 for a North American version, many showings throughout Europe and across the ocean, hundreds of thousands of visitors of all nationalities: these figures have made The Hundred Languages of Children a fundamental point of reference for Italian and international pedagogical culture. First conceived by Loris Malaguzzi and his closest associates, this exhibit is rooted in the forty years of experience of the educational institutions operated by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. The exhibit bears witness to the originality and the extraordinary nature of the years of research that have led the Reggio Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools to become a primary point of reference for those who work in early childhood education worldwide. The exhibit was extremely innovative right from its origins. It is presented as a narrative of the possible, giving visibility to processes and life situations that cannot be linked to standard pedagogical models or preconstituted educational premises, theoretical certainties, or generalizable practice. Rather, the experience is based on incessant research and action that take place with a chorus of many voices, many hands, and many intelligences, the centre of which is the image of a child who is competent in building knowledge and a constant seeker of meanings.